About Action Games

Action games is one of the largest video game genres. Any game that requires a good reaction from a gamer, a high concentration of attention, the ability to quickly assess the situation and quickly make decisions can be attributed to this genre. The first representatives of the genre, which laid its foundations and today acquired the status of a cult, were the world-famous classic arcades Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Asteroids, Battlezone.

Probably nowhere else you will find as many diverse subgenres as in Action games. Shooters, platformers, fighting games, stealth-action games, horror, action-RPG - all of them contain action elements. And it is not surprising that from the moment of its inception to this day the genre remains in demand: gamers love to be entertained, and what will entertain better than fights, shootings, explosions and chases? If at the same time the game also has challenges, making you instantly react to the development of events and overcome difficulties, the pleasure of the game process increases many times. The best action games are known to everyone, listing all of them will take more than one hundred pages. In addition, almost every day new and new representatives of the genre come out, delighting us with dynamic gameplay, exciting stories and vivid scenes.

Do you like action games?

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