About Cooking Games

Some games do not require cooking at all, offering gamers only to decorate an already baked cake, muffins, donuts. Here you can sprinkle them with colored powder, decorate with pieces of chocolate, fruit. In other games, it is proposed to perform only one cooking step - for example, cut a certain number of cookie blanks on a limited pastry cake.

We play and learn to cook

Many different recipes have already been collected in our section, but since this topic can develop forever - new variations appear constantly - we continue to add the most interesting dishes to it. But besides them, you will meet games on the topic of business development, becoming the owners of restaurants and small cafes. You are waiting for cooking lessons:

First courses
Second courses

Building a culinary business in cooking games

Cooking is also a mass production, and you will have the opportunity to build a network of establishments for the preparation and sale of burgers, salads, cakes, ice cream, drinks. In the series of games, the Papa has already opened many institutions for every taste. He sells muffins, pizza, hot dogs, chicken legs, cooks pasta, bakes pancakes and more.

Other characters are not far behind the workaholic Papa: Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse with his girlfriend Minnie, Baby Hazel, Dora, Angry birds, Pow, Barbie, Bloom and many more heroes affirm themselves in the field of culinary skills. Everyone is trying to bring a peculiar piquancy to their creations, offering the resulting masterpieces to the sample to customers.